Simplifying The Probate Process

Texas has a more simplified probate process than most states. This does not mean that probate court is simple, but, with skilled representation, an estate can move through probate more efficiently here than in many other states.

I am John T. Elliott, and with my skills as a certified estate planning and probate attorney, I understand how to capitalize on Texas’s friendly probate laws. At my firm, Elliott Estate Law, PLLC, I provide guidance and representation for matters such as:

  • Probating wills
  • Independent and dependent administrations when there is no will
  • Probate dispute litigation
  • Heirship determinations
  • Alternatives to probate
  • Transferring title to real property
  • Accountings
    • Estate accountings
    • Trust accountings
  • Trust administration

I have served clients throughout the greater Houston area who must go through the probate process for more than 15 years.

I Educate Clients So They Can Stay In Control

Probate court is still a courtroom, and the only person with control is the judge. However, when you have the laws explained to you and your options laid out, you realize the power that comes with understanding the law. This lets you make choices that can offer an immense benefit to your goals in probate.

I make it a priority to offer my understanding of the probate process to each of my clients. I work hard to fully explain each of your choices and what makes the most sense for you. Your probate case will be unique to your situation, and I will be there at every step, whenever you need me.

An Estate Plan Streamlines The Probate Process

Many people believe that their estates are too small to be worth an estate plan. This is a common misconception. Every estate, great or small, benefits from creating an estate plan. Having a thorough, legally sound estate plan allows for the efficient dispensation of your assets, preserving a significant share of your assets for your heirs.

Reasons To Work With An Experienced Probate Lawyer

Probate is a legal process used to finalize a person’s affairs after they pass away. Two of the biggest steps that must be taken are inventorying the assets and then using them to either pay off the debts that the estate owes or just to distribute those assets to the correct beneficiaries. This can be done following a will or other estate planning documents, or it can be done per state law if the person passes away intestate – meaning they do not have a will.

Either way, this can be a very complicated process that is fraught with disputes and contentions. An experienced probate lawyer can help you avoid these disputes and any accidental mistakes or oversights. At Elliott Estate Law, PLLC, I am a board-certified estate planning lawyer, and I have been for more than a decade. I understand the ins and outs of this process, and I can provide dedicated and compassionate guidance for a family that is going through probate.

Overview Of The Probate Process In Texas

It’s crucial to know what steps to take during probate, from filing the initial paperwork to paying any applicable fees to the court. Important steps for the estate administrator include locating the will, working with any other personal representatives, inventorying assets, distributing assets, paying debts, paying taxes, closing financial accounts and eventually closing the estate itself.

For someone who has never been through this process before, it can be daunting and overwhelming. Once again, this is why it helps to have a compassionate and experienced lawyer on your side. Additionally, if you are planning your own estate process, I may be able to help you avoid probate entirely and create an estate plan that puts your family first. My law firm is here for you and your family every step of the way, from initial estate planning to working through the probate process and much more.

Get The Legal Support You Need

I am here to provide you with the guidance you need. Many aspects of probate court can be confusing, frustrating or costly, but they do not have to discourage you. Contact my office by calling 713-936-4264 or email me to schedule a meeting.