What You Get Working With A Certified Estate Planning Attorney

Probate and Estate Administrations involve the legal transfer of a loved one’s assets to their intended beneficiaries. The process can be overwhelming for some without an experienced attorney to guide you. Estate planning is more than just wills and trusts. It is about reviewing your assets and legacy and guiding your family through the next steps. It is an act of compassion and helps secure you for the future. My name is John Elliott, and I am a board-certified estate planning and probate law attorney and certified financial planner. Why choose my law firm? At Elliott Estate Law, PLLC, I offer my clients clear advantages, such as:

  • Experience – I have over 15 years of experience in this area and 10 of those years I have been board certified in estate planning and probate law.
  • Personalization – Client will only be dealing with me and not handed off to an associate attorney in the firm.  I value understanding a client’s specific needs and providing the necessary information to meet their goals. I am willing to take the time to explain things to them and answer questions. On the other hand, if they just want the job done, I can do that as well. Some firms take the probate process and try to standardize it for each client. Each situation is unique and every client is different so some client’s want to be more hands on. I am okay with that.
  • Commitment – I enjoy what I do and the area of practice that I am in and I imagine I will be practicing in this are for the rest of my career.

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What Sets My Practice Apart

While many attorneys practice probate and estate planning law, comparatively few have taken steps to acquire board certification. This requires a great deal of extra work and review. This designation means that I possess a legally recognized and highly respected level of knowledge of Texas estate planning and probate law.

As a certified financial planner, I have the skill and experience to offer advice on how to build for tomorrow. I can provide a comprehensive review of your assets and explain what you can do to meet your goals. 

The Most Sensitive Area Of The Law

Estate planning and probate law deals with the most sensitive and complex issues that a person or family can confront. This is more than just settling on a will or creating a trust; it’s also caring for an incapacitated loved one or settling an estate without a plan.

Families seeking assistance with their probate issues must find an attorney who understands their case matters. Even small estates can become massively difficult for the people left behind. Without skilled guidance, people handling probate problems can very quickly find themselves under a great deal of legal pressure.

I Offer Guidance And Understanding

Reach out to me by calling 713-936-4264 or emailing me to set up a consultation. I know that there is a way forward for your situation. I can work with you to regain control and build for the future.